Climb the monument
This is the view from the top of the Monunument, which was built to mark the place where the great fire of lonndon started.
Start your climb by clicking on the base of the monument, then climb the narrow spiral stair.
There are spectacular views both north and south when you get to the top. Climb the Monument

Take the docklands train
Take the Docklands light railway from Bank Station in the City, to Docklands.
The train runs on elvated track so there are some interesting views on the way.
Click on each image to move to the next one.
The journey finishes in the Isle of dogs, where you can walk under the river to Greenwich.
start your journey

Follow the River
Follow the course of the river Thames. Start at Battersea and travel downstream through the centre of London, taking in Chelsea, Pimlico Westminster, the South Bank and the City, your journey ends at Tower bridge.
To move dowm river, click on the bridge that you can see in the distance in each image. start your journey